Web Smart Switch with 8 Ports 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE and 2-port SFP

Network Security
Function D-Link Safeguard Engine protect the switches against traffic flooding caused by virus. Authentication based on 802.1X port allows you to use an external RADIUS server to authenticate users. In addition, the Access Control List (ACL) feature enhances network security and helps to protect the network by filtering traffic from unauthorized MAC-addresses or IP-addresses. The switches also support the prevention of attacks ARP Spoofing, protecting against attacks on the network Ethernet, which can cause a change in the traffic or delay by sending false ARP-messages. To prevent ARP Spoofing attacks the switch uses the Packet Control ACLs to block packets containing false ARP-message. To increase security, the DHCP Server Screening, prohibiting access by unauthorized DHCP-servers.
Convenient operation
Using the utility SmartConsole1 / D-Link Network Assistant2 allows administrators to remotely manage the network at the port level. Utility D-Link Network Assistant supports automatic detection and display on the D-Link switches series Web Smart, belonging to the same network segment L2. The utility provides access to the switch from anywhere on the network without the need to enter the IP-address or subnet mask, which allows you to setup and basic installation of devices found, including password change and update software. Switches DGS-1210-10P / 28 / 28P / 52/20 also support the program D-View 6.0 and simplified command-line interface (CLI) through Telnet. D-View 6.0 is a Network Management System that allows you to control the most important parameters such as performance, reliability, flexibility and security.
DGS-1210-10P / 28 / 28P / 52/20 - Web Smart Switch is a next-generation technology to support D-Link Green. These switches support advanced management and security, providing high performance and scaling network. Control functions include SNMP, the management Web-based interface, the utility D-Link Network Assistant and Compact Command Lines. Switch DGS-1210-10P / 28 / 28P / 52/20 supports Auto Voice VLAN, ensuring higher priority for the "voice" traffic. Model DGS-1210-20 / 28 is equipped with a passive cooling system, which ensures quiet operation and allows you to extend the life of the device. Model DGS-1210-28P and DGS-1210-52, in turn, are equipped with intelligent silent fans that are capable of adjusting the rotational speed depending on the temperature, thus saving energy and reducing costs without affecting performance.
Energy savings
Using the technology of D-Link Green, Switches DGS-1210-10P / 28 / 28P / 52/20 are able to save energy without sacrificing performance and functionality of the devices. The switch determines the connection status of each port and automatically turns inactive ports in sleep mode. Due to the chipset used switches DGS-1210-10P / 28 / 28P / 52 can significantly reduce energy costs.
Easy operation and function of the level 2
These switches support a full set of Layer 2 features, including IGMP Snooping, Port Mirroring, Spanning Tree and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP). Function IEEE 802.3x Flow Control allows you to directly connect servers to the switch for fast, reliable data transfer. By keeping the rate at each of the ports up to 2000 Mbit / s in full duplex mode, switches provide the performance needed to connect jobs with minimal loss of data. The switches support the diagnostic cable and function Loopback Detection. Loopback Detection is used to determine the loops and automatic shut-off port that detected the loop. Cable Diagnostics is designed to determine the quality of the twisted pair, and the type of cable error.
QoS, bandwidth control
Switches DGS-1210-10P / 28 / 28P / 52/20 supports Auto Surveillance VLAN (ASV), and Auto Voice VLAN, and are the ideal solution for the deployment of VoIP and video. Auto Surveillance VLAN - is a new, industry-leading technology built into the switches Smart D-Link. This technology integrates data and video transmission through a single switch Web Smart, reducing thus the cost of facilities and equipment. ASV also ensures high-quality video viewing in real time and management without prejudice to the transfer of conventional data network. The automatic determination of the connected VoIP equipment allows you to put the "voice" traffic to a dedicated VLAN. Because of the highest priority and individual VLAN, this feature provides the quality and security of VoIP-traffic. In addition, DSCP marks Ethernet-packs with the appointment of the network traffic of different services. In addition, bandwidth management feature allows network administrators to reserve bandwidth for a variety of applications that require high bandwidth or highest priority.

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