5-Port Gigabit Switch

Caring for the environment
5-Port Gigabit Switch DGS-1005D is designed to meet the requirements of environmental protection, in accordance with the standard EnergyStar Level V and regulations CEC and MEPS, requires the use of power adapters that reduce energy consumption. The switch also complies with RoHS standards to limit the use of hazardous substances and uses recyclable packaging, which significantly reduces the amount of waste in accordance with Directive WEEE.
Gigabit data rate on the network
Gigabit Switch 5-port D-Link DGS-1005D provides data transfer and work online gaming at speeds up to 2000 Mb / s. Indicators of two colors for each port to help you easily determine the status of the connection. DGS-1005D supports QoS, prioritization provides delay sensitive traffic and important for efficient transmission of multimedia data in real-time, high-quality VoIP calls and online gaming.
Realization of technology D-Link Green
Switch DGS-1005D which supports plug-and-play is a device that uses D-Link Green, provides energy conservation, low heat dissipation and longer product life without sacrificing performance or functionality. Switch support JavaScript IEEE 802.3az Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE), by which it is determined when the connected computer is turned off or when there is no Ethernet-traffic on and off power to the inactive ports, thus saving a considerable amount of energy. In addition, the switch is able to adjust the power consumption by determining the length of the cable connected to the port. Both of these features work together to automatically save energy.

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