A unified single-band 802.11n access point with PoE

Automatic frequency adjustment
If you install multiple access points at a small distance from each other may be interference. If you find a neighbor AP DWL-2600AP can automatically select a channel without interference. This significantly reduces noise and allows the administrator to set access point close to each other. If adjacent APs operating on the same frequency, DWL-2600AP automatically reduces power peredachi2. If, for any reason, the neighboring APs no longer active on the network, DWL-2600AP increases transmission power to increase the radius of coverage.
Quality of Service
DWL-2600AP supports WMM, so in case of network congestion, the priority will receive time-sensitive traffic. Furthermore, if multiple access points DWL-2600AP are in close proximity to each other, the AP will reject new connection requests, as all the resources are used. Instead, the connection request will be accepted the next access point. Through the use of this function is no access point will not be overloaded, while other neighboring access points are idle.
Universal single-band access point DWL-2600AP supports PoE is designed for indoor use and is used to build a network of business class. Easy to manage and maintain the high data rate access point DWL-2600AP provides easy integration into the existing network infrastructure that can be scaled in the future in accordance with the requirements of the user.
Automatic cluster configuration
The automatic configuration of the cluster is the ideal solution for small businesses who need to install multiple access points (APs), which lack the resources to meet the challenges of network management. When you install a small number of AP DWL-2600AP can be configured to auto cluster. After performing an administrator configure a single access point, the same settings will be applied to other access points. Thus, the cluster can combine up to eight access points.
Unified Management
When you install a network using standardized wireless switches can be operated up to 192 access points, DWL-2600AP, so the administrator can increase the range of your wireless network.
DWL-2600AP supports the latest security standards including WPA and WPA2. In addition, DWL-2600AP supports up to 16 SSID, which allows the administrator to assign different access rights to user groups.

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