Unified Switch to manage the access points level 2 + 20-port 10/100/1000Base-T (PoE) + 4 Combo 10/100/1000Base-T/SFP, supports up to 48 access points

Network Resiliency
The location of access points in close proximity to each other can cause interference. DWS-3160 monitors the radio frequency spectrum and automatically assigns the best channel for each access point, which significantly reduces noise and allows administrators to set access point at a small distance from each other.
If the same channel operates several access points are located at a short distance from each other, to reduce the noise level, DWS-3160 reduces the transmitter power of these access points. Furthermore, for some reason the network is no longer present a number of access points, the transmitter power will be increased to increase the coverage area.
In order to avoid overloading the bandwidth, the switch rejects the DWS-3160 new clients to the access point. The load is distributed between neighboring APs. This ensures load balancing and optimal network performance.
Mobility without borders
Wireless clients can take advantage of the "seamless" and continuous roaming between access points managed by DWS-3160 switch, even if they are not in the same subnet. Since the DWS-3160 uses a variety of mechanisms, such as pre-authentication and caching keys, wireless clients can move freely within the network without re-authentication. Thus, the owners of tablet computers, smartphones and netbooks are stable and reliable connection.
Upgrading a license
By default, the DWS-3160 switch can handle 12 standardized access points. This amount may be increased up to 48 APs. If administrators want to connect to the network more access points, they can purchase an updated license. There are two types of licenses: an update and upgrade 12 TD 24 TD.
Choosing a license is not difficult – simply select the desired model, the corresponding DWS-3160 switch (standard or PoE) and the number of managed access points to upgrade. Customers in some areas can purchase a license online. However, if you purchase online is not available in your area, you can always buy a package licensed from suppliers.
A series of DWS-3160 switch includes a unified wired / wireless Gigabit Ethernet Switches L2 +. DWS-3160 is an ideal solution for network deployment for medium and large businesses and service providers. Switch provides centralized management of devices in a wireless network. With the ability to control up to 48 wireless access points aligned D-Link and up to 192 access points in a cluster switch, DWS-3160 is used as a wireless controller in the base / wireless or Gigabit Layer 2 + switch for end users, providing easy integration into existing network infrastructure.
Simple operation
DWS-3160 supports centralized management of WLAN, eliminating the separate configuration of each access point. The administrator has appointed a unified point of access D-Link and set for the profile, apply to the access point automatically. In addition, the new version of the software can be installed at all access points simultaneously, which greatly simplifies the upgrade process.
In addition to functioning as a control device in a wireless switch, DWS-3160 can also be used as a Layer 2 + with enhanced functionality, including support for dynamic routing packets (RIPv1/v2), security features ACL, multi-level quality of service (QoS), VLAN, Multicast Snooping. Moreover, several switches DWS-3160 can be combined in a cluster, enabling administrators to configure all the switches with a single switch "Master." A cluster can manage 192 access points. This greatly simplifies management and reduces the effort required to care for scaling the network.
Robust network protection
DWS-3160 supports the latest function Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS), designed to detect unauthorized access points and unauthorized clients, as well as different wireless network security threats. Using WIDS feature, administrators can find a variety of threats and use of scanning frequency channels to review wireless network in order to prevent any potential security threats.
When combined with standardized wireless access point D-Link, you can configure a virtual access point, and to manage them, and the administrator can assign different access rights to users. In addition to the use of WPA and WPA2, an additional level of protection provided by an adaptive portal, so that only authorized users can access the wireless network.
DWS-3160 uses Access Control Lists (ACL) to control by setting a few simple rules. Through the use of other advanced safety features such as Network Access Control and 802.1X protection against attacks DoS DWS-3160 provides a reliable and centralized security and maximize network uptime.

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